Elie Saab’s Dream Couture

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Glamour, feathers, sequins... have a look. - This article was written by our guest author Cocoxocherie

Cover Photo by VOGUE

How to slay it the most classy way possible

The Lebanese designer stays true to himself, his dreams and his roots - I just simply love Elie Saab. A homage to Beirut – the Paris of the near east. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, a lot of pastel colors, elegant black, breathtaking evening gowns but also daring minis with amazing details… I don’t even want to know how much time they have spent to prepare this collection but I am telling you, I am indeed dreaming to wear every single piece of these gorgeous dresses some day! (OH YES INDEED).

After watching this show, I felt like crying - every one with a decent fashion taste knows what I am talking about. He started the show with a beautiful white lace embroidered dress with flowers, now ladies this is how you rock a sheer dress.  I love his creative commitment, he knows how to make a woman feel like a princess – AMAZING! I can assure you that every woman will find her ‘’I FEEL LIKE A MAGICAL PRINCESS’’ dress in his spring/summer 2015 collection.

However, at the end of every fashion show comes the stunner, Mr. Saab presented his highlight: the most beautiful fairy tale wedding dress topped with – glitter, more glitter and tulle, Elie Saab put a new definition to the word ‘’slayed’’. Take a glance for yourself!






Photo Credit: Kim Weston Arnold /Indigitalimages.com