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This is my first quick guide to home-made recipes.
Girls & Boys, this recipe is more than easy and you do not have to be a Micheline starred chef to create this dish. I eat this Burrata dish about 2x/ week, it’s quick, its a low carb treat and obvioulsy gluten-free.

The secret to this dish are the high-quality add-ons, besides a good Burrata. Make sure to pour an organic, extra virgin olive oil - cold pressed it is and the best of the best sea salt. I love my SAL de IBIZA.
Voilà, here it is. It’s a great snack to please your hunger or to replace a meal - yes, trust me, you do get filthy full.



Did you know that a real Burrata from Apulia should be eaten within 1 day? - I didn’t, but for those who want a longer lasting expiry date on their Burrata, then you could buy this artisanal cheese in your regular grocery store.

When I make my dinners I always surprise my guests with this dish as an appetizer and nobody has ever complained, no, they want to have more (and I am thinking to myself that this is so easy, go home and do it yourself - sorry but not sorry! smiley).

There are varieties of add-ons to this dish but I always say, keep it simple and you will still get the best outcome, so here are my ingredients for my Burrata dish:

A handfull of cherry tomatoes
Joseph’s Burrata
Any good Fleur de sel, I'd recommend my favorite: SAL de IBIZA
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, my favorite choices are Five Olive Oil or Lia Oilive Oil.

Cut your tomatoes how ever you like, I cut it in mini-wedges and quarter them. Make sure your Burrata has a room temperature, slice it open, this way it absorbs the sea salt and tomato-juice and finally pour over the extra virgin olive oil on top of all ingredients.
For a fresher experience of Burrata I advise you to go to a local deli that sells fresh diary products. For everyone in Vienna, I chose Joseph Brot vom Pheinsten Burrata.

Well, here we are. Enjoy the world’s best cheese with this easy recipe & bon appetite.

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